Ironic or not, if your in the search for a AHEGAO HOODIE, you got here the best listing of products.

Our AHEGAO Hoodies are cheap yet made with comfy and durable coton material.

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What is a Ahegao ?


Ahegao is a term invented in the early 1990’s, this term refers to a reddened female face that squints with the tongue out.

Also referenced as a face of pleasure by the Japanese, it was initially used to describe the face of X actresses in AV’s (Japanese adult video).

Its literal meaning comes from a Japanese exception アヘアヘ (ahe ahe) which means moan and from 顔 (gao) which means face.

This kind of expression is very often used in the otaku culture especially with tsundere derived from “tsun tsun” which means “wacky” or gesugao which means “gess face”





☝️ Belle delphine infamous internet influencer performing a Ahegao

What is a Ahegao HOODIE ?


The ahegao hoodie craze started since 2015 and has only grown up since. Today the ahegao is a true essential of the meme culture.

The most emblematic element of Ahegao apparel remains the Ahegao hoodie.

While in conventions or to make your friends laugh, the ahegao hoodie is a must-have for any weeb and you will find here a multitude of hoodie made of comfy and durable coton material.




The best materials for you

While Memeing hard on the wide internet, you will need a piece of apparel to keep you warm.

Ahegao hoodie is the greatest option for you. Our’s are made with the highest quality materials, printed with lewd prints .

They will keep you warm and comfortable. We have contacted only the best coton suppliers, so if you are looking for the best Hentai anime hoodie, you should check out our collection! No compromise on quality for the finest otaku apparel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)