Hoodie Jabami Gesugao
Hoodie Jabami Gesugao

Hoodie Jabami Gesugao


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Otaku: The Jabami Gesugao Hoodie will determine your fate

Our hoodies are the most popular items among our ambassadors, affiliates, Ahegao fan and customers in general. Their material is usually cotton but also contains polyester for longer life. Some have the pattern centered on the belly while others are fully printed which may explain the price differences.

Thanks to them, even the winter you won’t be cold and you can put your hands in the pockets and even small items and the summer you can wear it on any occasion.

You’ll be able to chill on the couch while watching your favorite animewith the famous singles ice cream tub or even your partner who bought the same hoodie as you with the other color.

Otaku! You now have an inescapable way to know around you who loves Japan, manga and Ahegao.🤤

A gesugao headand a look eager for eroticism: this will be the description of your new hoodie signed ahegao.fr . Trendy between harajuku & black gothic!

Jabami Gesugao Hoodie: Uses

You can wear this hoodie in any circumstance: during conventions underneath a cosplay or during a family dinner (if it’s SFW of course). For a date with a manga/animated fan you can only if you wear a shirt underneath for a more glamorousand elegant effect. A pair of Ahegao pantsor the hoodie pattern too would be just splendid for a striking duo.

Boy! So lend it to your girlfriend or if you don’t have one to your favorite waifu … 😘

Ahegao & its history

Ahegao takes its name from the Japanese: “Ahe” comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia of “Aheahe” (アヘアヘ) describing a woman’s short breath in sex and her sexual excitement, and “Gao” (顔) means “face” . Trend powered by Belle Delphine who was promoted to Miss Ahegao of the internet . Since then our store was created to sail on this theme of Ahegao and offer you women’s clothing and men’s of ready to wear for all occasions. 😏



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